COVID-19 Learning Resources

ESTHER Alliance is collecting the latest and most helpful learning and support resources for individuals working in Health Care and Global Health. You will find links to free courses by international recognised entities, released guidelines and much more.   

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Care and support for Health Care Workers (HCW) s is a key issue in Lower-Middle Income Countries (LMICs).  With limited Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other resources it is particularly demanding and stressful for HCWs in these countries, and they face much greater risks of getting COVID-19 than in high resource settings.  Care and protection of HCWs is a priority, both for the HCWs themselves and to maintain essential health services.

This document by Health Service Executive in Ireland, provides key guidance and messages to Health Care Workers in low resources settings. To read and view the guide please CLICK HERE.

Beyond Stigma publishes a new guide about stigma related to COVID-19: Spread solidarity and love, not stigma and fear. The inspiration to write this was based on their experience with other diseases such as HIV and TB – they have learned so much about stigma over the past decades and with COVID-19 spreading quickly through our communities, they wanted to give people a short guide. It is also a way for you to make sure you look after those who contract COVID-19, including yourself. The Guide is AVAILABLE ONLINE HERE.