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 EFFECt tool

What is the EFFECt Tool?

This monitoring and evaluation tool specifically focuses on assessing implementation best practice, embedding change and added benefits to individuals and institutions of using a partnership model.

It is a self-assessment tool for partners to assess current practice and looking at how to really embed change, so that projects sustain beyond project funding. 

Who should complete it and how?

It should be independently completed by both the northern and southern lead coordinators  of the partnership project. Each project within a partnership should be assessed independently. It should take you between 20 and 40 minutes to complete.

When should it be completed and how often?

This tool aims to capture the degree to which your project implementation may lead to lasting change hence it needs to be completed once you have started implementing your initiative. We recommend that you administer this tool at various points throughout your implementation, at the end of the project and one-year post implementation.

How do I analyse the results?

An automatically generated report will be sent to you and your partner institution through the ESTHER website after completing the survey. You and your partner institution should focus on those areas with lowest average scores and discuss your different perceptions on those areas with wide variation.

Under construction

The digital version of the EFFECt tool is still under construction. Meanwhile please refer to the PDF version for further information.

For more information, watch our videos or contact your ESTHER Secretariat.

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