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Our Approach

The ESTHER Alliance was set in the general framework of the Sustainable Development Goals.
We contributed mostly to SDG 3 Good Health and Wellbeing and SDF 17 Partnerships for the Goals. Those two goals taken together highlighted not only what we wanted to achieve (better health for all, or Universal Health Coverage), but also how we wanted to achieve it (through better, more equal, and balanced partnerships.

Theory of change

The ESTHER partnership model had the capacity to deliver long-term results. These peer-to-peer partnerships are capable of inspiring institutions and individuals to change the way they work, improve the quality of service delivery and potentially influence health policy.

We supported a variety of implementing partner institutions who are guided by our partnership principles that promote good practice. Our partnership projects delivered capacity development in a broad range of intervention areas. Our partnerships contributed to producing better evidence-based policy and practice, strengthened health workforce and institutions leading to improved quality of service delivery and ultimately to better health outcomes.

Our partnerships contributed towards progress of the Sustainable Development Goal 3 (Achieve healthy lives and wellbeing for all, at all ages).