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Our Approach

The ESTHER Alliance is set in the general framework of the Sustainable Development Goals.
We contribute mostly to SDG 3 Good Health and Wellbeing and SDF 17 Partnerships for the Goals. Those two goals taken together highlight not only what we want to achieve (better health for all, or Universal Health Coverage), but also how we want to achieve it (through better, more equal, and balanced partnerships.

Theory of change

Innovative and improved practices in health management and service delivery that are developed and tested through ESTHER institutional health partnership projects not only benefit the involved institutions but feed into local and national technical and policy discussions and decisions and thereby contribute to address systemic challenges and consequently contribute to realize universal health coverage. Ultimately, it contributes to achieve healthy lives and wellbeing for all, at all ages (SDG 3). See the ESTHER Model.
The Alliance works very closely together with the WHO Global Health Workforce Network and with WHO African Partnerships for Patient Safety and with the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trial Partnership.