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THET–United Kingdom

In 1989, THET was founded by Professor Sir Eldryd Parry to address a problem he had become familiar with as he worked to train doctors in Africa. How could hospitals, medical schools and other organisations in the UK contribute to the improvement in quantity and quality of training in low-resource settings? THET developed and pioneered a model of Institutional Health Partnerships which harness the expertise and energy of the UK health community, providing training, education and knowledge development to partner institutions and their staff in low- and middle-income countries, ultimately working to address the global disparities in human resources for health.

Since their founding, THET has sought to change the astonishing statistic that one billion people in the world will never see a qualified health worker in their lives if current health worker shortages continue. From reducing maternal deaths in Uganda to improving the quality of hospital care for injured children in Myanmar, THET works to strengthen local health systems and build a healthier future for all. Promoting health partnerships through their grant management, policy and country programmes work, THET endeavors to share best practice and provide thought leadership within the UK on the health partnership model. In October 2012, the United Kingdom joined the Alliance with observer status.

Laura Macpherson
Senior Grants Manager