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ESTHER - Norway

Background Norway’s ESTHER program was established when Norway joined the European ESTHER Alliance in 2009. The program is managed by FK Norway, which is a government body under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. FK Norway supports staff exchange to promote reciprocal development and transfer of competence. The method is exchange of professionals through partnerships between companies, civil society organizations and government institutions in Norway and Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Norway is represented in the Esther Alliance board by Norad (Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation) and FK Norway as alternate.

Expertise France is now the All exchange projects are based on reciprocity, implying that exchange of personnel takes place from north to south and vice versa, and between partners in the south (south-south exchanges). The relation between the partners is based on equality, ensured through a joint planning process to decide on both objectives and practical implementation of the exchange. Intervention areas covers a broad variety of modalities such as institutional strengthening, professional development, service delivery, health education, policy development, mentoring, and under and post graduate education.

ESTHER Norway Steering Committee
Ms Marit Bakken
Deputy Director
FK Norway
Stortorvet 10
P.O.Box 8055 Dep
N-0031 Oslo

Phone: + 47 24 14 57 10