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ESTHER - Spain


The ESTHER Spain Program is part of the ESTHER Alliance which emerged in the framework of the Special Session on the AIDS General Assembly of the United Nations in June 2001 in New York. ESTHER Spain contributes to the efforts to strengthen the humean resources in health in the Latin American region. The focus of the program is to create a network of health professionals working in HIV service delivery at second and third level hospitals; to do so it supports exchanges among health professionals for training purposes, the update of scientific evidence-based protocols and the performance of research studies in this field.

The general objective of ESTHER Spain is to generate a network of trainers capable to provide comprehensive management of patients with HIV infection in all areas of their respective countries.The specific objectives include updating the local health personnel knowledge for a comprehensive care of HIV patients and increasing the diagnostic coverage of vertical transmission in pregnant women who attend the program hospitals.

The program is based on a bilateral relationship between Ministries of Health. 

Dra Rosa Polo
Jefa de Área Asistencial y de Investigación
Secretaría del Plan Nacional sobre el Sida
Ministerio de Sanidad, servicios Sociales e Igualdad
Paseo del Prado 18-20
28071 Madrid

Phone: +34915961863